Why we are Unique?


We have all been involved in consulting projects that have failed, and those that have succeeded.  Those that have failed were probably because the wrong process was applied, poor assumptions made or maybe the consultant was too focused on the next project not the success of the current one. Those that succeeded were maybe because the process was bespoke to the problem being faced.

Many consulting firms have two fundamental flaws in their model:  

  1. They are too focused on billable hours and the next project 
  2. They have a single methodology that is applied to every project
    regardless of the size, scope and desired outcome.   

This can lead to projects that are too long, and with goals that are so open to interpretation they never deliver any real value to you; the client, but create large billable hours for the consultant.  Many consulting firms will offer high quality advice but when it comes to the nitty gritty of execution or the need for an interim manager they are not ready to engage or they send junior consultants who learn from you not help you. 

Absolute Management & Marketing is different where we offer Customised Brainpower™

Customised Brainpower™ delivers capability matched to the problem not a pre-set fixed process that is applied to everything.  This flexible approach that will include: 

  • Advice, coaching and mentoring if that’s required 
  • Tools, templates and processes to implement change 
  • Interim management if the result is the need for someone
    to do something and get into the details. 

Projects are led by people with 20+ years of industry experience enabling us to provide solutions that are practical and implementable with a deeper level of content, leaving you to deal with the daily street fight of running your business.  We improve and change your business and if that improvement requires managing people, cost, price, revenue we can do that too. 

Value Based Pricing

Unusually in the consulting world our pricing can be value based, measured on the P&L benefits of the delivery not simply the hours invested so you know you will get measurable, and tangible results for your investment. 

We invest 20% of our time in perpetual learning to deliver you the latest approaches to process, coaching and mentoring.  We are getting away from the consulting factory focused on billable hours to be a real professional knowledge bank that often benefits from the Zeigarnik Affect and remember interrupted or incomplete tasks better than complete ones.

The Balance of Marketing & Management Consulting